Jesus Christ Story for Christmas

Jesus Christ all born story for Christmas day of happiness on that eve son of God.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ born but the story is that the mother of Jesus whose name was Mary.

Jesus Christ Story for Christmas

Jesus Christ

She was not married. One day something amazing happens that night the merry was sleeping and she wakes when the angel of God Gabriel came. Mary asked who are you? The angel told I am Gabriel don’t be afraid Mary. You have found favor with God.

He loves you very much. God had sent me to tell that soon will have a Son. Mary huh! Me? A son angel, of course, He will be called Jesus. He will be called a son of God. He will be great as a God. mary was submissive. She said I am the hand made of the lord may god do with me as he wants then angel gone. Mary wanted to just god told her to do. Then after she married from Joseph. After that Son of God the Jesus Christ born in circa in 6 B.C in Bethlehem.

All people know that God had born Because that day One Star in the sky was blinking with a Big light. Gabriel the Angel he also said that he (Jesus Christ) will be king and his kingdom will not end. Jesus Christ who was a Great king. He always says that don’t be a bad human. Give our love to friends and enemies. That’s why all the celebrate Christmas. There was no fixed date of Christmas but They all celebrate Christmas on 25 December seeing the festival near Christmas Makar Sakranti. This is the Jesus Christ story for Christmas.

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is that he gives a gift to kids and the means of Christmas for children is Santa Claus. He is also is known as Dada (Grandfather).

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